Number Two

Number Two: Ron Carroll – The Sermon


Number Eight: Benny Mardones – Into The Night 2019

The difference between a hit song and a great song is a hit song is here today, while a great song lasts a lifetime! A great song can always find a new life that expands beyond expectations. Benny Mardones is not a name that stands out in the world of dance music, nor the tile of “Into The Night” which was originally a two time hit in the 1970s and then again 1980s, with the opening lyrics you will immediately say to yourself, “Oh I know this song”! “Into The Night” holds the distinction of being the only song in the history of Billboard Magazine that has charted on Three different times over three different decades, as the same artist and same song, and with different recordings. Now “Into The Night” 2019 is riding up the Billboard Club Chart 37* this week, displaying the truth of a great song lasting a lifetime. With the new vision provided by Eric Kupper and the innovative duo of Dirty Werk, both whom noted as part of the Billboard Number One club, “Into The Night” 2019 is currently exploding onto club dance floors and making its way into Radio Mix Shows across the country. With these two distinct mixes, Kupper delivers his house-is-a-feeling, soft and soulful sound, that brings beauty to any sound system. While Dirty Werk continues to elevate this classic song while incorporating integrity and respect, allowing a whole new generation to create their own new experience! For this Holiday weekend, create emotions and moments on the dance floor, download “Into The Night” Genres: Electro and Soulful House Label: Silver Blue